Need a roof at the last minute?


Short of taking an overnight bus or train, there’s no way you can escape that inevitable human need for a roof over your head in the dark hours of the night. And if this sudden realisation occurs in a bustling metro city or a sought-after tourist destination, you have as much chance of getting a room as the penniless truant on the street corner. That’s where RoomsTonite comes to your rescue.

What is RoomsTonite?

RoomsTonite is a last-minute hotel booking mobile app that provides consumers with what they call ‘the best of both worlds’ – good hotel rooms at great rates. This app becomes even more useful for those travellers whose travel plans get firmed up at the last minute. Being a technology player in the hospitality sector, they also help hotels to sell unsold inventories.

Who came up with this idea?

Suresh John

Founded by hospitality technology sector veteran Suresh John, the RoomsTonite app has seen good demand from users with download number going over 1,00,000. They are a Bengaluru-based M-Commerce (mobile commerce for the uninitiated) startup in the hospitality sector. In an interview to the Economic Times, John said that “40 per cent of the total rooms available in the three-, four- and five-star categories in the country are going empty every day and I peg the total potential revenue lost to be an average of Rs 11,000 crore annually.”

What sort of rooms can you get with RoomsTonite?


RoomsTonite has tied up with hotels that have excellent guest reviews in over 250+ locations in the country and has over 2,000 hotels brands available on its platform. RoomsTonite offers hotels under three categories – luxury, premium and comfort. The app lists hotels on its platform free of charge. According to their website, they offer up to 70 per cent discount on top-rated hotels. What I liked most was that the team has hand-picked hotels for every area so you don’t have to sift through hundreds of choices and apply tons of filters to find one that suits your needs. I really think we live in an age of too many choices and curation is the need of the hour!

How do you go about using it?


Download the app, create an account and you’re good to go! The best thing about Roomstonite is that they guarantee you will get a room in three clicks. And if you need a taxi service from the airport or have a pillow preference at your room, you can call their 24×7 customer assist number +91 8880-46-46-46.

Links to download the app:



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However, note that you can book a maximum of three rooms for three nights at one go.

So the next time you’re in danger of having to sharing a roof with the aforementioned penniless truant, try using RoomsTonite and let me know how it worked for you in the comments below.

(Disclaimer: The author bears no responsibility for individual experiences with RoomsTonite)