Bid goodbye to singledom at Dubai

Whether it’s your own last dance on the wild side or your best friend’s, Dubai is one place you should definitely consider if a foreign locale is what you’re looking at. I never had a very high opinion of Dubai as a travel destination until I began listening to the stories of a colleague who trots over to Dubai every few months. We’d all wonder – what was it that she liked about Dubai so much? When this colleague’s friend recently organised an engagement party, guess where they headed? That’s right, to the land of Burj Khalifa, Atlantis and other glittering man-made marvels. So here are five reasons why Dubai can be a great venue for the next bachelorette party you organise.

  1. It’s only 3-4 hours away from Mumbai/Delhi

That’s less than some of the locations within our own country! A foreign bachelorette party doesn’t get easier than this. What’s more, the visa process is also usually a breeze and can be done in a matter of days. I don’t know about you but it’s difficult for me to take more than a few days off at work. And if the travelling time itself is say 12 hours, that chips away a lot from the holiday. So Dubai is closer than a Thailand or Singapore even.

  1. It has got the BEST nightlife ever

Night life in Dubai

Everyone knows about Dubai’s famed shopping festivals. This dazzling city in the United Arab Emirates is also known for its happening night life. If you do end up having a bachelorette party here, you can head to Boracay Nightclub for a night of unforgettable dance and revelry. You can also plan an evening at 101 Dining Lounge & Bar or 360° Restaurant and Nightspot, both of which offer splendid views, music that will draw you to the dance floor and an ambience that is guaranteed to make your bachelorette party a night to remember.

  1. You can have a beach party…

Beaches in Dubai

Dubai has a wonderful coastline that serves as the setting for numerous luxury and boutique resorts. You might want to try Barasti, awarded Dubai’s Best Outdoor Bar of 2014 by Time Out magazine. They have a house band and an all-night beachside DJ. If you and your friends are water babies, you will love Dubai’s selection of luxurious beach clubs. Eden Beach Club at Palm Jumeirah, Jetty Lounge at Al Sufouh Road and Zero Gravity at Dubai Marina will all be glad to arrange a party you’ll be raving about for weeks.

  1. …Or a desert safari

Desert safari in Dubai

Personally, I’d prefer an adventurous night out on the desert. Stay the night at a desert resort and explore its gourmet desert dining options. The golden wood-fire ovens, the live entertainment, the aroma of hookah smoke and barbecue dinners – they’ll set the mood like nothing else. ‘Glamping’ or glamorous camping is also something that should be on your itinerary. The next day, you can go dune bashing or sand boarding where you’ll navigate the desert the way swimmers navigate the sea.

  1. You can pamper yourself at luxe spas

A girl who’s about to get hitched deserves a healthy dose of pampering, doesn’t she? Dubai is famous for its hammams, beauty baths that will leave you feeling like a queen from the Turkish era. Schedule a session at the One&Only Oriental Hammam, Tips & Toes or Saray Spa and ensure an extra sparkle to your bridal glow. All this pampering might put you in the mood for a private yacht cruise on the Arabian Gulf or a royal stay at the Burj Al Arab’s luxury suites.

The only catch is that Dubai can be a little hard on your pocket, especially for the more luxurious experiences. But a bachelorette party doesn’t happen every day; so I think it’s all right to splurge a little.

Want more ideas for your bachelorette, honeymoon or annual holiday?

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