Maya Sanur: Seaside elegance

Maya Sanur Resort & Spa, with its endless lagoons and breezy seaside restaurant embodies all that Sanur stands for – perfect sunny cheer and a paradise for water babies. Close to Ngurah Rai Airport and Kuta, this charming slice of the Balinese coast is all about sparkling blue beaches and lazing under the sun. We arrived early, well rested after a night at a nearby guesthouse. Our honeymoon was just beginning and we were as excited as a pair of puppies!

Sanur Beach
Private access to the beach
Maya Sanur review
A tree-rimmed path

Maya Sanur has an unmistakable personality of peaceful open spaces, unhurried movement and the freshness of natural greenery. This was apparent to us the moment we stepped into their vast lobby, graced by ever-smiling staff. The reservations team had two lovely surprises for us – a room upgrade to a lagoon access room and a couple photography session voucher with one complimentary photo frame! However, our room would only be ready by 2 PM so we decided to explore the resort while we waited.

Poolside luxury

From the railing, we could see a long strip of blue paradise, bordered by rooms with balconies that resembled cane baskets.

Maya Sanur review

A settee curved into the shape of a tree trunk invited us to lie down and have a siesta.

Maya Sanur review

Beside the long lagoon was a tree-rimmed path leading straight to Sanur Beach and Reef, the signature restaurant.


The pristine beach with mountains outlined hazily in the distance charmed us with two different shades of blue – a mild aquamarine closer to the shore and a deep turquoise further away. Surfers rode the white-tipped waves with gusto and enviable confidence. While we walked, we were accosted by several water sports and tour operators. Our advice to those who’d rather not be bothered – be friendly but firm, and tell them you’ll get in touch if you need anything.

Maya Sanur review
A pretty temple

As we made our way back from the beach, we spotted a pretty temple beside the hotel restaurant and a flight of stairs leading up to the roof garden, a vast terrace dotted with green lawns, clusters of bougainvilleas and a picture-perfect view of the sea. It’s really the ideal location for a photo session or picnic lunch.

Maya Sanur review
Reef, the seaside restaurant

Other dining options at Maya Sanur include a Japanese restaurant, a three-level bar and a multi-cuisine restaurant. The resort has a functional gym, spacious spa and beautiful library as well.

Spa at Maya Sanur

Library at Maya Sanur

We could imagine staying for an extended period at Maya Sanur, spending the afternoons reading or lounging by the beach. But a quick look at our watches told us that our room would likely be ready.

Artful luxury

Architectural perfection and thoughtful touches like a mirror edged with gold motifs, a congratulations cake on the table, an evocative painting on the wall and a complimentary spa kit on the bed greeted us when we walked into our deluxe lagoon access room. The bowl of welcome fruits featured a strange local specimen (salak) that I’d come to love later. We tiptoed into the bathroom and were overjoyed to see a lovely bathtub with glittering lamps on either side, rose petals, bath salts and bath foam.

Maya Sanur review

Maya Sanur review

But the best part was pulling back the curtains to reveal a wonderful seating area outside that took us straight to the long strip of paradise we’d seen earlier. Since the rooms on either side of us were vacant, we practically had the pool to ourselves. Lying in that lagoon with some music on our phones and a view of the trees around and above us was going to be a rare pleasure. Our room also came equipped with a variety of personal care amenities and a beach bag woven from cane.

Our top three

  1. The lagoon

We spent our evenings enjoying relaxing swims in the lagoon or simply relaxing on our settee and watching the view outside.

Maya Sanur review
Outside our room

2. The terrace

We’d lie down on the lawns at the rooftop terrace, smell the flowers, explore the various cottages or simply lean on the railing and take in the beauty spread out below us.

Maya Sanur review

3. The bath tub

Night times were reserved for drawing up warm, fragrant baths in the bath tub and rediscovering the joy of playing with soap suds!

Maya Sanur review

Breakfasts at Maya Sanur

Breakfast at Maya Sanur

You can’t help but look forward to breakfast when you know you’re going to be sitting at a beach-view table with fluffy omelettes and local delicacies like wingko (a Javanese pancake-like snack) and black sticky rice pudding with coconut milk. We’d like to make a special mention of the foamy, rich cappuccino served in impossibly large cups, cinnamon French toast and wide array of cakes and pastries.

Posing by the beach

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On our final day in Sanur, we decided to use our free photography session voucher and make some memories for a lifetime. We held hands, looked into each other’s eyes and did everything possible to convince the world we were in love! The photo featured above is the one we liked best and we opted for a digital copy over a printed frame. After the photo shoot, we had a lovely time sinking our toes into the sun-baked sand and having our final fill of Sanur Beach.

Sanur Beach

Practical guide to Maya Sanur

How to reach: Find a taxi from the airport to take you to Maya Sanur (30 min ride, around 150000 IDR).
Nearby attractions: Sanur Beach, Bali Turtle Conservation Centre, Lapangan Puputan Renon, local temples and warung restaurants, Mangrove Forest
Accommodation: This is a five star hotel. Rooms start at around Rs 15000 per night.
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We were guests of Maya Sanur and this post may contain affiliate links.

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