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Taking you into the heart of the world’s best luxury hotels and restaurants

Ramada Bali Sunset Road Kuta: Accessible luxury

Don’t be too quick to believe people when they say there’s nothing to see in so and so place. True, Kuta is more urbanised than Ubud or Sanur but its beaches are no less spectacular, it’s a good access point for the spectacular Tanah Lot Temple and luxurious Nusa Dua area and best of all, it lets you stay in a four start hotel for the price of a three star. Our stay at Ramada Bali Sunset Road Kuta, was made most memorable by a lovely dinner at the gourmet lobby restaurant, a sunset soak at the rooftop infinity pool and a couple spa session to soften the ache of a beautiful trip coming to an end.

Our room

A large bed with a thoughtful pair of towel swans, little balcony lined with green fronds and a bathroom with a beautiful patterned wall were some of the salient features of our honeymoon suite at Ramada Bali Sunset Road Kuta.

Our room
Our room
The balcony
The balcony

The TV even had a couple of Indian/Hindi channels to keep us entertained while we sipped on some coffee. We had some issues with the Wi-Fi and air-conditioning, both of which were quickly and satisfactorily resolved. So you can definitely expect great service at this hotel.

The hotel

The seven-storey Ramada Bali Sunset Road Kuta sports some stunning architectural touches such as a rooftop infinity pool; a ground-level lagoon-style pool with a long walkway that leads up to a bar, along with rooms on either side; couches backed by arresting paintings, exhibits of Indonesian masks and Buddhist percussion mallets outside some elevators and a spectacular view of the pool and the sky from the railing at each level.

View from the railing
View from the railing

The fitness centre adjoins the pool at the rooftop, which is also where Sandekala, the hotel’s sprawling in-house restaurant is located. The spa is also on the roof-top and tends to be very busy so book your treatments in advance. We enjoyed an hour-long full-body Balinese massage in a functional but comfortable therapy room. If you have children along, they can swim in the kids’ pool beside the rooftop infinity pool.

Children's rooftop pool
Children’s rooftop pool


The breakfast buffet is served in the enormous and cheerful Sandekala restaurant featuring usual favourites like eggs, fruit, cakes and French toast along with an impressively large array of juices and shakes and a ‘surprise’ counter with a different Asian or western specialty everyday.

Breakfast buffet at Sandekala restaurant, Ramada Bali Sunset Road Kuta

There’s always one traditional Indonesian sweet on offer as well, such as sticky rice or pumpkin pudding, as well as one Asian/Chinese dish as stir-fried noodles or rice.

Breakfast buffet at Sandekala restaurant, Ramada Bali Sunset Road Kuta
Salad counter

Dinner at Angsoka, the lobby-level gourmet restaurant was an experience to treasure, as every dish that came to the table awed us with its delicate perfection. The consistency of the pea and leek soup was just right – neither too creamy nor too thin, and it was served with soft and delicious garlic bread soaked in the soup.

Pea and leek soup
Pea and leek soup

This was followed by a platter of vegetarian spring rolls served with lettuce and carrot salad and dips. Finally, we feasted on a classic pizza Margherita.

Pizza margherita
Pizza margherita

The hotel also serves a buffet dinner in a wonderfully luxurious ambience set to soothing lounge music.

Nearby beaches

Kuta, Seminyak and Legian beaches are all close to Ramada Bali Sunset Road Kuta and form a part of the same gorgeous coastline. We went to Seminyak Beach in the bright light of day and were dazzled by the picture-perfect reflection of the clouds on the shore.

We etched Trail-stained Fingers on the shore
We etched Trail-stained Fingers on the shore

A neat array of lounge chairs sheltered by cute pink umbrellas lined most of the beach. We sent the waves flying, carved our names on the yielding sand with our toes and walked the length of the sun-kissed sea until we could walk no more.


Nusa Dua is half an hour away and perfect for those who wish to try water sports. We undertook the longer ride (21 km) to Tanah Lot temple instead to enjoy one of the most breath-taking sunsets of our lives.

Practical information

Rooms: Rooms at the hotel start at around 2500 rupees per night. Book them here.

Address: Jl. Sunset Road No.9, Seminyak, Kuta (don’t rely on Google Maps – the marking is inaccurate – ask the locals). The hotel is only 7km away from Bali International Airport.

Tip: Ramada Bali Sunset Road Kuta is a part of Wyndham Hotels & Resorts and you could get a free stay there if you join their Rewards Loyalty Programme.

Getting around: Rent a two-wheeler for around 60000 IDR per day or book Bluebird taxis. There is also the Kura-Kura public bus shuttle service with fixed routes.

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The Daily, Bandra: Delicious & original

Sip on artisanal cocktails and dine on gourmet Italian and Mediterranean fare at The Daily Bar & Kitchen in Bandra, Mumbai, a restaurant whose aesthete is part grunge and part experimental art.

The name plate outside proudly states that the restaurant was established in 2013, in a font that’s reminiscent of the 19th century. If that’s a strategy to make folks think it’s one of the oldies, it could work.

The Daily Bar & Kitchen, Bandra, Mumbai
The bar

Inside, there are two parts to the restaurant. The lower level is smaller and practically empty during the day – the real action is at the upper level, which houses the bar and sports a ceiling strung neatly with various framed newspaper clippings of interesting articles over the years. This could be great for a first date where you’re hunting around for things to talk about. For instance, did you know that Nicki Minaj has been funding an Indian village since several years, contributing to its computer centre, tailoring institute, reading programme and two water wells? We bet your date didn’t.

The Daily Bar & Kitchen, Bandra, Mumbai
The lower level

Black dominates the colour scheme and the music and lighting nudge you to categorise this place as a pub. But the menu is far more extensive that what a pub would have and now they even have lunch specials, which is what we were there to experience.

It was a Saturday afternoon and the restaurant was nearly empty when we walked in. But this could also be because there was a crew shooting a film at the lower level. Our couch-table was super comfy and splashed with patches of inky black. We were presented with four different menus – a regular food menu, the lunch special menu, drinks menu and wine list. We sampled the first three – and we were mostly delighted by everything that made it to the table.


Every cocktail that came recommended was unarguably awesome. From the ones we ordered ourselves, a few were all right. The rest paled in comparison to the more exemplary ones. So our advice is to go with the server’s suggestions based on your spirit of choice.

Cocktails at The Daily Bar & Kitchen, Bandra, Mumbai
Elysium and Majestic Mame

We wanted to start with whisky-based cocktails from their signature list. The server was keen that we try Elysium, but we also ordered a Majestic Mame. The two looked almost identical when they arrived, except for the fact that the Elysium was deep gold in colour while the Majestic Mame resembled diluted watermelon juice. We weren’t entirely sure about the Elysium because it contained curry leaves but one sip and we knew this was one of the best whisky-based cocktails we’d ever tasted. The drink also contained dates, apple juice and rosso. Majestic Mame couldn’t quite compete with the genius of Elysium but it was pleasant enough, with the infusion of apricot brandy, basil and cranberry tea.

Cocktails at The Daily Bar & Kitchen, Bandra, Mumbai
The Contender and Mai Tai

Mai Tai, from the ‘Tiki cocktails’ section came in a dramatic mug carved with an angry pirate’s face. The tall concoction of white rum, dark rum, orgeat (a non-alcoholic syrup), pineapple and orange juices was good enough for two and the orgeat lent a wonderful floral, nutty flavour to the rum. The Contender was the other white spirit-based cocktail we tried and it was served in a cosmopolitan glass. The fruity cocktail composed of vodka, poire, pear, mint, nutmeg is ideal for those who prefer lighter drinks.

When we were done with our meal, we spotted the ‘molecular cocktails’ section on the drinks menu. Our curiosity was piqued. The server’s recommendation was Gypsy Queen but we also went with a Wild Card because it included bourbon in lieu of whisky. The molecular cocktails are priced a notch higher than the signature ones but the only difference is they are poured before you, with light fumes of dry ice making their way into the air. In terms of taste, we feel the signature cocktails are superior. The Gypsy Queen was really good, with the sweet and spicy notes of clove, cinnamon, peach and apple wood smoke. The Wild Card was just all right and lacked character even with the inclusion of triple sec, martini dry, cranberry-infused tea and hickory wood smoke.


We don’t have a single criticism to make about the food at The Daily Bar & Kitchen. Be it the aesthetically served salads and starters or the nachos piled so generously with the good stuff, everything here is beyond perfect. Our main course was so scrumptious that we finished it despite the obvious lack of space in our cocktail-filled tummies. We wish we could’ve tried the desserts as well but it’s always good to leave something for next time.

Salad at The Daily Bar & Kitchen, Bandra, Mumbai
Halloumi cheese and watermelon salad

From the lunch specials menu, we went for the layered halloumi cheese, watermelon and fig salad. Topped with chopped fruits and mango salsa, the salad was juicy, sweet and refreshing. The cheese and fig provided a satisfying fullness to the salad and the lettuce and radish made every bite a brilliant burst of flavours and textures in our mouths.

Loaded nachos at The Daily Bar & Kitchen, Bandra, Mumbai
Loaded nachos

From the regular food menu, we opted for the chef-recommended patatas bravas and loaded nachos. The nachos came with an interesting twist – beer infused cheese sauce. The kidney beans, mayo, tomato and jalapenos were nothing short of perfect. We thoroughly enjoyed the nachos thanks to the lavish serving of mayo and cheese sauce.

Potato pockets at The Daily Bar & Kitchen, Bandra, Mumbai
Patatas bravas

Ditch the French fries and gorge on their succulent potato pockets as we did, filled with ratatouille vegetables, mascarpone and garlic aioli sauce. At six pieces per serving, this is ample for two people and the beetroot slathered at the bottom is a great accompaniment. The gooey vegetable and mayo topping ensured that every bite was full of cheesy goodness.

Ravioli at The Daily Bar & Kitchen, Bandra, Mumbai
Oven roasted tomato and olive stuffed ravioli

For mains, we decided on the oven roasted tomato and olive stuffed ravioli. To be honest, the dish wasn’t the most visually appealing when it came to the table. But when we began to tuck into the house-made ravioli, the wonderful stuffing of oven roasted tomato, olives and pine nuts cooked in a chive butter sauce began to work its magic on us. The warm and flavourful tomato sauce topped with pine nuts and goat cheese made us positively rapturous.

In a nutshell, even if you ordered from the menu purely at random, you’d probably be delighted with every gourmet morsel that entered your mouth.

Our rating: 5/5
Cost for two: Rs 3000 (with drinks)
Where: Linking Road, Bandra West, Mumbai

The Daily Bar & Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Maya Ubud, Bali: Wooded wonderland

No trip to Bali would be complete without a visit to the forested, mountainous Ubud. And in our humble opinion, no visit to Ubud would be complete without a stay at the magical Maya Ubud Resort & Spa. Lined with traditional Balinese-style cottages that come with private gardens and pools as well as a serene golf course, gym and ethereal riverside spa, this resort is an extension of Ubud’s prime attractions such as the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, Goa Gajah Cave Temple and Tegallalang Rice Terrace. Ubud was our second stop in Bali after Sanur, and so large and enticing was Maya Ubud that we changed our hectic travel plans and spent an entire day simply enjoying the various sights and pleasures the resort offered.

Maya Ubud Resort & Spa, Bali
The way to the reception

We reached Ubud after an hour-long drive from Maya Sanur and the change in landscape was remarkable. Gone was the easy, seaside rhythm of Sanur and in its place was an older, deeper music, personified by stunning paintings on display outside art galleries at Ubud market, little roads fringed by whispering trees and a cloudier sky. A long path within the gate led us to the bright and cheery reception area of Maya Ubud Resort & Spa. All the staff wore the traditional dress of kebaya (fitted lace blouse) and sarong for women and sarong, shirt and udeng (head dress) for men. After a brief wait during which a refreshing welcome drink kept us company, we were taken to our cottage in a golf buggy.

A luxury hideout in the woods

Petanu Villa, Maya Ubud Resort & Spa, Bali
Petanu Villa, with a longer version of our pool and multiple settees

Our cottage was so vast and the room so wide that we were simply not able to contain it all in one frame. Photos really don’t do justice to this resort but we’ll endeavour to give you a glimpse of its loveliness, even if we did have to pan each time to include the high ceiling crisscrossed with Balinese wooden beams! Our cottage had a high, four-poster bed, a large LCD TV hidden within a multi-purpose unit, writing desk, wardrobe with self-sensing light and a luxurious bath-tub and entrance to the outdoor shower in the bathroom. Yes, we had a completely private outdoor shower adjoining the cottage pool, both of which were surrounded by thick, protective foliage. But the fixture we ended up using the most was the comfy, long settee outside the cottage, perfect for listening to the birds and bees and dozing the afternoon away.

Early morning jottings

Maya Ubud Resort & Spa, Bali
In contemplation at Petanu Villa

Tiny blackbirds slice the Balinese sky
Even as a golden orb peeks
From behind the trees –
It’s divine light so all-powerful
That even the neighbouring clouds aren’t immune.

The sun rises early at Maya Ubud, as do the little spotted doves and other myriad birds on the elven property. Last night, we glimpsed the tinkling Petanu River and waterfall in the indigo moments of a passing day. This morning, the light flutters in through our shuttered door and reminds us of lovelier joys ahead.

Pool at Maya Ubud Resort & Spa, Bali
Smaller pool beside the infinity pool

The day we arrived, we kept up our exploration of Maya Ubud’s infinity pools, walking trails and hidden sanctuaries well until darkness took over. We raced against time to make it across the wooden bridge over the robust Petanu River, close to the spa and the riverside restaurant. We felt like we were in a rainforest, surrounded by lush greenery and the soothing gush of the waterfall. Another favourite moment was when we climbed a large mound in the middle of the resort garden so we could be silhouetted against the setting sun. We also toured the prestigious Petanu Villa and observed red and orange fish swimming around in the L-shaped pond between the gym and golf course.

High tea and breakfast

Laklak during high tea at Maya Ubud Resort & Spa, Bali
The chef prepares laklak, a Balinese pancake

Maya Ubud offers complimentary high tea for its guests at Bar Bedulu, the garden restaurant, consisting of tea, coffee, iced tea, cakes and one Indonesian specialty such as laklak, a delicious pancake served with grated coconut and palm sugar. We chose a table on the terrace where a sweet breeze kept us company and panoramic views of the forest and mountains enveloped us on all sides.

Maya Ubud Resort & Spa, Bali
The scenic resort

Breakfast was always served at Maya Sari, the signature restaurant with a variety of dining spaces. One counter was dedicated entirely to local delights and some of the dishes we tried and enjoyed included pisang goreng, banana fritters served with custard; bubur sum-sum; pandan rice pudding with palm sugar; pumpkin pudding and potato and vegetable coconut curry. We also loved the organic yoghurt with coconut and honey. We’d always choose a table overlooking the garden even if it became sunny because one simply can’t get enough of the scenery at Maya Ubud.

Balinese massage at the spa

Spa at Maya Ubud Resort & Spa, Bali

Our second day at Maya Ubud began with a rejuvenating couples’ Balinese full-body massage. We were given a choice of three different oils – jasmine oil, ginger oil and a traditional Balinese flower oil with curative properties. The last one smelt heavenly and so, the Balinese oil it was. The cooling lemongrass drink we were offered on arrival put us in a great mood, as did the artful massage room, where we could hear the tinkling of the Petanu River. We’ve enjoyed several Balinese massages in India but to experience the real thing in Bali was a revelation. We wished we could learn to massage the soles of our feet the way the therapists did! After our session was over, we were asked to let the oil stay for an hour. In the meanwhile, we munched on a platter of fruits and relaxed by the infinity pool outside River Cafe.

Maya Ubud Resort & Spa, Bali
View from the restaurant

Every morning at 7 AM, the resort conducts complimentary yoga classes at the open-air yoga pavilion overlooking the gardens and terraced rice fields. But if like us, you like to linger over your mornings, it might be a better idea to take a dip in the infinity pool outside Maya Sari (there are three different pools at the resort) and swim up to the rim to look over all of the surrounding forests.

Practical information:

River Cafe, Maya Ubud Resort & Spa, Bali
River Cafe

Getting there: It’s a one hour drive from Bali’s international airport to Maya Ubud Resort & Spa.

Getting around: Rent a bike at around 75000 IDR per day or book a sightseeing tour from one of the operators at Ubud Market. You can go up to Mt Batur, an active volcano in Kintamani or Pura Bratan, a scenic temple in the mountains near Bedugul.

Bookings: Rooms at this five star hotel start at around 19000 rupees per night. Please visit their website for bookings.

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Travel nights & the homecoming of terror

When we travel, we nearly always arise early to seize the day and catch a stunning sunrise or two. However, we’ve observed that we tend to retire early as well, and there’s only so much stargazing one can do. After all, most attractions aren’t open beyond sundown and there wouldn’t be much point in stumbling around in the darkness either! Many offbeat locations don’t offer much by way of night life so inevitably, we find ourselves holed up in our rooms by 9 or 10 PM, our tummies replete with a good dinner. On many of these travel nights, one show that has kept us faithful and riveting company is the American television series House of Cards (hence the featured image of the United States Capitol).

Just last night, we watched the much awaited first episode (chapter 53) of Season 5 and it was as if there had never been a season break in the show! Now, a lot has happened in this fast-paced political dream over the last four seasons. And if like us, you don’t have the time to sit through the last few episodes to refresh your memory, read some plot summaries online instead. However, into the very first minute of the new episode, we were hooked and at no point did we have to Google anything to understand the story.

Alert: Spoilers ahead

House of cards season 5

So S05E01 begins at the point where Frank and Claire are back together, contesting the elections even as they divert the backlash from Tom Hammerschmidt’s article with a declaration of war on terror. If you recall, the veteran journalist from the Washington Herald had done a damaging exposé piece on Frank’s crimes. And in the meanwhile, two domestic terrorists from the United States had beheaded an innocent man, giving Frank an alternative weapon with which to sway the masses. In this episode, a stunning turn of events is revealed with regards to the capture of Joshua Masterson.

We enjoyed watching the strange familiarity between Claire and Tom Yates yet again. Yates was the writer hired by Frank Underwood to write a book on his employment project ‘America Works’. And it was most gratifying to see Frank and Claire as a united front again, although some chinks in their relationship remain. For us, the main selling point of this show has always been their unshakeable bond, which seemed immune from all the murky waters they dabbled in as part of their professional lives. Although this bond seemed a thing of the past in season 4, we are hopeful that it is revived completely in season 5.

While there’s a lot of turmoil in terms of Frank’s candidacy for President of USA in season 5’s opening episode, a lot has also returned to normalcy. Doug is back by Frank’s side, Catherine Durant is toeing the line again and the Republican candidate Will Conway and his wife Hannah aren’t exactly in the clear either. The episode reveals a terrible yet fascinating manipulation of a tragic event and a global monster for personal gain. But will Frank’s play on terrorism pay off enough to make him President again? We’ll just have to wait and watch.

Frank Underwood is coming to India with the television premiere of House Of Cards Season 5 on Saturday, 3rd June, 5 PM onwards, only on Zee Café! #HOConZCafe

Planning to visit the White House?

White House by Diego Cambiaso
White House by Diego Cambiaso

After seeing so much of the White House and the United States Capitol in reel life, we’re pretty keen to see them in all their real life glory. While one can’t simply walk into the White House, one can definitely submit a tour request through one’s home country embassy in Washington DC. This has to be done at least 21 days in advance, and a maximum of three months before your planned visit. If your request is approved, there will be an intense security screening, following which you can enjoy a 45 minute self guided tour of America’s centre of power.


It is easier to visit the United States Capitol (pictured at the start of this post). Simply go to the Capitol Visitor Center, located underground on the east side of the Capitol and visit the exhibition hall, shop and restaurant. But if you want to explore the historic areas of the building (which are the real treasures), you have to be part of a guided tour. These will take you through the Crypt, the Rotunda, and National Statuary Hall as well.

What else do we do on travel nights?

We might take a walk, plan the next day’s sightseeing or make calls to our families back home. Now it’s your turn to tell us! Go on, leave a comment.

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Maya Sanur: Seaside elegance

Sanur is for water babies. Close to Ngurah Rai Airport and Kuta, this charming slice of the Balinese coast is all about sparkling blue beaches and lazing under the sun. Maya Sanur, with its endless lagoons and breezy seaside restaurant embodies all that the town stands for – perfect sunny cheer. We arrived early, well rested after a night at a nearby guesthouse. Our honeymoon was just beginning and we were as excited as a pair of puppies!

Sanur Beach
Private access to the beach
Maya Sanur review
A tree-rimmed path

Maya Sanur has an unmistakable personality of peaceful open spaces, unhurried movement and the freshness of natural greenery. This was apparent to us the moment we stepped into their vast lobby, graced by ever-smiling staff. The reservations team had two lovely surprises for us – a room upgrade to a lagoon access room and a couple photography session voucher with one complimentary photo frame! However, our room would only be ready by 2 PM so we decided to explore the resort while we waited.

Poolside luxury

From the railing, we could see a long strip of blue paradise, bordered by rooms with balconies that resembled cane baskets.

Maya Sanur review

A settee curved into the shape of a tree trunk invited us to lie down and have a siesta.

Maya Sanur review

Beside the long lagoon was a tree-rimmed path leading straight to Sanur Beach and Reef, the signature restaurant.

The pristine beach with mountains outlined hazily in the distance charmed us with two different shades of blue – a mild aquamarine closer to the shore and a deep turquoise further away. Surfers rode the white-tipped waves with gusto and enviable confidence. While we walked, we were accosted by several water sports and tour operators. Our advice to those who’d rather not be bothered – be friendly but firm, and tell them you’ll get in touch if you need anything.

Maya Sanur review
A pretty temple

As we made our way back from the beach, we spotted a pretty temple beside the hotel restaurant and a flight of stairs leading up to the roof garden, a vast terrace dotted with green lawns, clusters of bougainvilleas and a picture-perfect view of the sea. It’s really the ideal location for a photo session or picnic lunch.

Maya Sanur review
Reef, the seaside restaurant

Other dining options at Maya Sanur include a Japanese restaurant, a three-level bar and a multi-cuisine restaurant. The resort has a functional gym, spacious spa and beautiful library as well.

Spa at Maya Sanur

Library at Maya Sanur

We could imagine staying for an extended period at Maya Sanur, spending the afternoons reading or lounging by the beach. But a quick look at our watches told us that our room would likely be ready.

Artful luxury

Architectural perfection and thoughtful touches like a mirror edged with gold motifs, a congratulations cake on the table, an evocative painting on the wall and a complimentary spa kit on the bed greeted us when we walked into our deluxe lagoon access room. The bowl of welcome fruits featured a strange local specimen (salak) that I’d come to love later. We tiptoed into the bathroom and were overjoyed to see a lovely bathtub with glittering lamps on either side, rose petals, bath salts and bath foam.

Maya Sanur review

Maya Sanur review

But the best part was pulling back the curtains to reveal a wonderful seating area outside that took us straight to the long strip of paradise we’d seen earlier. Since the rooms on either side of us were vacant, we practically had the pool to ourselves. Lying in that lagoon with some music on our phones and a view of the trees around and above us was going to be a rare pleasure. Our room also came equipped with a variety of personal care amenities and a beach bag woven from cane.

Our top three

  1. The lagoon

We spent our evenings enjoying relaxing swims in the lagoon or simply relaxing on our settee and watching the view outside.

Maya Sanur review
Outside our room

2. The terrace

We’d lie down on the lawns at the rooftop terrace, smell the flowers, explore the various cottages or simply lean on the railing and take in the beauty spread out below us.

Maya Sanur review

3. The bath tub

Night times were reserved for drawing up warm, fragrant baths in the bath tub and rediscovering the joy of playing with soap suds!

Maya Sanur review

Breakfasts at Maya Sanur

Breakfast at Maya Sanur

You can’t help but look forward to breakfast when you know you’re going to be sitting at a beach-view table with fluffy omelettes and local delicacies like wingko (a Javanese pancake-like snack) and black sticky rice pudding with coconut milk. We’d like to make a special mention of the foamy, rich cappuccino served in impossibly large cups, cinnamon French toast and wide array of cakes and pastries.

Posing by the beach

Pin this for later

On our final day in Sanur, we decided to use our free photography session voucher and make some memories for a lifetime. We held hands, looked into each other’s eyes and did everything possible to convince the world we were in love! The photo featured above is the one we liked best and we opted for a digital copy over a printed frame. After the photo shoot, we had a lovely time sinking our toes into the sun-baked sand and having our final fill of Sanur Beach.

Sanur Beach

Practical guide to Maya Sanur

How to reach: Find a taxi from the airport to take you to Maya Sanur (30 min ride, around 150000 IDR).
Nearby attractions: Sanur Beach, Bali Turtle Conservation Centre, Lapangan Puputan Renon, local temples and warung restaurants, Mangrove Forest
Accommodation: This is a five star hotel. Rooms start at around Rs 15000 per night.

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