The curved Chinese-style entrance of Haw Par Villa, Singapore

Haw Par Villa: Singapore’s hell on earth

In 1935, Aw Boon Haw and Aw Boon Par, the scions of the developer of the famous Tiger Balm decided to build the Tiger Balm Gardens as a life sized demonstration of the key facets of Chinese mythology. Now called Haw Par Villa, the uncannily real depiction of the Ten Courts of Hell makes this the most unique experience of Chinese folklore and otherworldly retribution you’ll ever have. Continue reading Haw Par Villa: Singapore’s hell on earth

Q Bar at The VITS Hotel, Mumbai

Q Bar, Mumbai: A quarter of cheer

Over the years, Q Bar has donned many names and avatars (Behind Bars, Jalsa Bar) but its current form is particularly pleasing, ensconced in a shadowy space next to the pool. The energetic dance music, purple lights and combination of sofa tables, bar stools and dance floor seek to achieve the quintessential lounge ambience. Residents of the area and suited corporates looking for a breather after a long day at work compose the lion’s share of Q Bar’s customers. But the real draw here is their ‘club’ concept. Continue reading Q Bar, Mumbai: A quarter of cheer

Offbeat travel

Offbeat travel agents we like

There are several well-known travel agencies in India but when you’re looking for an offbeat holiday, they may not have the expertise you need. These unusual travel companies may not make it to the list of top 10 travel companies in India but they can definitely help you plan the perfect holiday. From rugged trails in Leh-Ladakh to all-women trips to chase fireflies in Coorg, they help you scale unchartered territory with aplomb. Continue reading Offbeat travel agents we like

The Taj Lake Palace

Exotic luxury experiences in India

When you mention ‘luxury’, India isn’t the first destination that comes to mind. Yet, in spite of the country’s reputation for being earthy, untouched and rural, there are several high-end travel and food experiences that you can indulge in. The reality remains the same but the way you are introduced to it differs. And whether you opt for a holiday package or choose to gallivant on your own, these luxury experiences will make your trip a memory to savour. Continue reading Exotic luxury experiences in India

Cocktail on a beach

Top 10 summer getaways in 2016

Summer in most parts of Europe occurs between May and October (June-August are the peak summer months) and these are the glorious months in which countries like France, Spain, Greece and Turkey are most tourist-friendly. While there are some evergreen favourites that would definitely feature in your travel bucket list, we present 10 stunning destinations that are particularly attractive this year. Continue reading Top 10 summer getaways in 2016

Singapore Merlion

The best of Singapore in 5 days

The best holiday I’ve had in recent times was a five-day trip to Singapore, where I customised my itinerary as per my penchant for nature, offbeat travel and food. Somewhere between the primeval charms of Pulau Ubin island and the macabre depictions at Haw Par Villa, a unique theme park, I discovered the true nature of Singapore – happy, quirky and all-embracing. Continue reading The best of Singapore in 5 days

Taj Mahal by Dennis Jarvis

Travelling to India? Here’s a checklist

Despite the negative rhetoric about safety, cleanliness and ease of getting around in India, the country attracts tourists by the hordes. Is it the chaos that enchants the foreigners or the colours? Is it the curious rural faces or the endless expanses of untouched green (dwindling but still there)? Whatever the reason, the travellers aren’t deterred by the disorderly potpourri that is India. Here are a few travel tips to make your sojourn through India easier and more magical. Continue reading Travelling to India? Here’s a checklist

The Resort, Mumbai - pool side view

The Resort: An escape within the city

The Resort on Madh-Marve Road is located right next to the beautiful Aksa Beach on Madh Island and is one of the few recreational resorts within the city limits of Mumbai. This luxury five-star resort is crafted for romantic escapades, family getaways and corporate outings. Given that you only need a weekend to experience the serenity of The Resort, it makes for an ideal mini trip to recharge your batteries. Continue reading The Resort: An escape within the city