Panorama shot of Bandra Worli Sea Link

Exploring Bandra with Coolpad Mega 2.5D

It’s a bright and summery Saturday morning and my day out is made all the more better by the chic royal gold phone nestled in my bag – the all-new Coolpad Mega 2.5D. Given that it has an 8MP front and back camera, 16GB ROM and 3GB RAM at a throwaway price of Rs 6,999, it doesn’t deserve to remain stashed in my bag. And … Continue reading Exploring Bandra with Coolpad Mega 2.5D

Chef Prakash Lopez At The Bawaji Cafe At Pondichery Cafe, Sofitel Mumbai BKC

Khavanu, pivanu, majjani life!

What is an Irani cafe set-up doing in the middle of Mumbai’s swankiest five star hotel, I wonder. I ought to be glimpsing Salade Nicoise and asparagus quiche; not brun maska and paneer akuri in a place like Pondichery Cafe, Sofitel Mumbai BKC! And then it dawns upon me. The Parsi New Year is almost upon us and the good folks at Sofitel want me to have my dinner “Khavanu, pivanu, majjani life” style. Continue reading Khavanu, pivanu, majjani life!

Girl sea beach

Travel beauty essentials

Frequent travel calls for a carefully curated toiletries kit. Our skin and hair are used to the humidity levels and temperatures of the place we call home. But when they are assailed by new weather conditions involving salty seas, drying mountains or clammy forests, they may react adversely, leaving you with sunburnt skin and rough hair. Here are six travel beauty essentials that I’ve used and loved. Continue reading Travel beauty essentials

Masters Paridaeza, farmstay resort in Gholvad

Discovering Gholvad with Masters Paeridaeza

We have heard much about its Parsi heritage and chikoo orchards but Gholvad charms us from miles away, as we drive through mountain-flanked roads in the green, monsoon month of July. The cool and moist monsoon wind has already put us in a good mood and when we spot the lovely Masters Paridaeza, nestled among a dense cluster of trees, we’re certain that we’ll enjoy this homestay experience. Continue reading Discovering Gholvad with Masters Paeridaeza

The terraced vineyards of Lavaux, Switzerland

The terraced vineyards of Lavaux, Switzerland

Visiting Lavaux was never part of the plan. But one afternoon, during our idyllic stay at the quiet, French-speaking Swiss town of Lausanne, we realised that we wanted more of the beautiful Swiss wine we’d been having at every meal. The locally grown grape is called Chasselas and morphs into a wonderfully fruity white wine under the right conditions. It’s a great accompaniment with fondue … Continue reading The terraced vineyards of Lavaux, Switzerland

The curved Chinese-style entrance of Haw Par Villa, Singapore

Haw Par Villa: Singapore’s hell on earth

In 1935, Aw Boon Haw and Aw Boon Par, the scions of the developer of the famous Tiger Balm decided to build the Tiger Balm Gardens as a life sized demonstration of the key facets of Chinese mythology. Now called Haw Par Villa, the uncannily real depiction of the Ten Courts of Hell makes this the most unique experience of Chinese folklore and otherworldly retribution you’ll ever have. Continue reading Haw Par Villa: Singapore’s hell on earth

Pench Tree Lodge

Pench Tree Lodge: Where the veranda spoke

I’m not much of a slow traveller. Time is always an issue and in most of my trips, I run from attraction to attraction, spending a maximum of two nights in one place. I still manage to catch moments of quietude where the pace ceases to bother me. Yet, to find myself at Pench Tree Lodge for a leisurely four days with endless hours to … Continue reading Pench Tree Lodge: Where the veranda spoke

Q Bar at The VITS Hotel, Mumbai

Q Bar, Mumbai: A quarter of cheer

Over the years, Q Bar has donned many names and avatars (Behind Bars, Jalsa Bar) but its current form is particularly pleasing, ensconced in a shadowy space next to the pool. The energetic dance music, purple lights and combination of sofa tables, bar stools and dance floor seek to achieve the quintessential lounge ambience. Residents of the area and suited corporates looking for a breather after a long day at work compose the lion’s share of Q Bar’s customers. But the real draw here is their ‘club’ concept. Continue reading Q Bar, Mumbai: A quarter of cheer