Pune University. Courtesy: Kuruman

Pune reminiscences

Two years in Pune, at an age when my personality was evolving and I soaked up new experiences like a sponge, have given me a fair idea about the city’s draws and limitations. Tucked away in the resort-like environment of FLAME (Foundation for Liberal and Management Education), I looked forward to weekends with the enthusiasm of a bushy-tailed 21-year-old. Solo or accompanied by a friend, I’d board the bus to the city and look forward to movies, lunches, shopping, pampering and exploration. Continue reading Pune reminiscences

Ice-cream collage at Papacream, Churchgate, Mumbai

Papacream, Mumbai: Sweet heaven

I have an on again, off again relationship with ice-creams thanks to my sensitive throat. Never a great fan of simplistic, puritan ice-creams, I am more enthused by ice-cream in combination with crunchier, chunkier, warmer elements like waffles, chocolate cake and cookies. This is why Papacream works for me. They don’t just serve ice-cream. They serve complete dishes using ice-cream as the protagonist. The exception to this rule is of course the Belgian chocolate ice-cream which I recommend you have as is, in a cup or waffle cone just for its pure perfection. Continue reading Papacream, Mumbai: Sweet heaven

Lake Geneva, Switzerland, on the banks of Chillon Castle

The world’s most expensive but beautiful countries

The trouble with beauty is that it does not exist merely in cities that are affordable or accessible. Stunning marvels are flung across varied corners of the globe, many of which are far beyond our means. And yet, the travel-loving heart wants what it wants, even if means taking a personal loan for travel, just to make the next big trip a reality. So without much ado, here are the five most expensive but also very beautiful countries, according to Numbeo’s Cost of Living Index. Continue reading The world’s most expensive but beautiful countries

LeEco Le 2 Review

LeEco Le 2 review: A true winner

At 5.5 inches, the phone fit perfectly in my palm and I was pleased with the HD display, on par with phones that are priced much higher. Le 2 is priced at Rs 11,999 (even lower if you get it during the online sales) but its specifications match those of more expensive models. A 16 MP back and 8 MP front camera, 3 GB RAM, 32 GB ROM, 3000 mAh battery and Android Marshmallow OS are just some of the highlights. Continue reading LeEco Le 2 review: A true winner

Peepal Kothi, India

Peepal Kothi: Leaf-rimmed tranquillity

The evening waves a wand of coolness over Haryana. But even as the temperature goes down, the birdsong rises in volume. Seize the day they must, and in the last remaining minutes of light, their excited chatter and the intoxicating fragrance of freshly watered grass fills the air. Voices carry over long distances in this still swathe of greenery and I can hear clearly, the … Continue reading Peepal Kothi: Leaf-rimmed tranquillity

Hobart Harbour in Tasmania

Ricky Ponting is Tasmania’s brand ambassador

Although he lives in Melbourne now, Ponting returns to Tasmania every chance he gets. Talking about why his hometown has such a special place in his heart, he says, “I still travel around Australia and the world a lot. But nothing beats home. The beautiful clean air, breath-taking scenery, the incredible food and wine, brilliant golf courses, lifelong friends and of course, my family make it special.” As one of the internationally best known faces of Australia, Ponting is a well thought-out choice for Tasmania’s brand ambassador. Continue reading Ricky Ponting is Tasmania’s brand ambassador

A tigress (tiger) at Pench National Park

A tigress’ glint at Pench National Park

To our right, we saw three graceful forms walking towards us. They were Collarwali and her two daughters, both remarkably different in their temperament. While one stuck to her mother, the other one, more aloof, was determined to chalk a different route and walk on her own. She was the one I enjoy photographing the most. Her defiance shone through in her shapely eyes. Continue reading A tigress’ glint at Pench National Park

Hyde and seek bourbon cocktail at Asado the Cocktail Street, Mumbai

Asado the Cocktail Street

Bandra is the go-to ‘cool’ haunt for practically everyone in Bombay. Whether it’s the sea you seek or a drink at a swanky restaurant, this artsy Catholic suburb never fails you. But it isn’t often that you come across a place you’ve never heard of. Asado the Cocktail Street has an exotic ring to it when I receive the invite and I immediately want to … Continue reading Asado the Cocktail Street

Panorama shot of Bandra Worli Sea Link

Exploring Bandra with Coolpad Mega 2.5D

It’s a bright and summery Saturday morning and my day out is made all the more better by the chic royal gold phone nestled in my bag – the all-new Coolpad Mega 2.5D. Given that it has an 8MP front and back camera, 16GB ROM and 3GB RAM at a throwaway price of Rs 6,999, it doesn’t deserve to remain stashed in my bag. And … Continue reading Exploring Bandra with Coolpad Mega 2.5D