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Trail-stained Fingers is a well-read luxury lifestyle website with 1000s of dedicated readers featuring our adventures across India and the globe. If you wish to advertise on our website, please write to Ankita@trailstainedfingers.com with the creative and the duration of the ad. Here are a few other ways that we can contribute:

  1. Luxury resort, destination or product reviews

If you are a tourism board, aviation or hospitality company representative, please email us at Ankita@Trailstainedfingers.com with your coverage requirements. We are open to FAM trips, hosted trips, tours and stays at hotels, homestays or any other tourist property. We also review and market travel accessories such as phones, cameras, clothing and accessories, laptops, automobiles and beauty products. A list of our published articles are available here. We prefer invites for two people as ours is a couple travel blog.

Note: Reviews will be posted based on first-hand experience only.

  1. Social media campaigns/posts/tweets

We are Twitter influencers with over 3350 followers. We also have a popular presence on various social media such as Facebook (over 1693 likes), Instagram (1150+ followers), Google Plus (650+ followers), LinkedIn (3100+ followers) and Viber (2000 followers). If you are a tourism board, hospitality company representative or lifestyle product manager, you can leverage our social media presence with posts or dedicated campaigns for your brand. Please email Ankita@Trailstainedfingers.com with your requirements and proposed compensation.

  1. Quality travel content and photographs

If you like our style of writing and photography and would like us to contribute to your website / magazine / any travel-related publication, please write to Ankita@Trailstainedfingers.com with a profile of your company, article/content requirements and proposed compensation. A back link to this website will also be required. Requests for long-term content creation and article contracts will also be considered on a case to case basis. We are also open to managing Twitter accounts and social media profiles for travel and hospitality entities.

Note: All writing has to be remunerated appropriately.

  1. Sponsored posts

If you represent a travel/lifesyle/hospitality brand and wish to get covered on this website in the form of a 500 or 1000 word post, please get in touch with Ankita@Trailstainedfingers.com with a profile of your company. Requests for coverage will only be accepted if the brand is deemed to be relevant to the readers of Trailstainedfingers.com. Rates for sponsored posts will be shared upon acceptance of your proposal. You may wish to combine a sponsored post with promotion on our social media profiles.

Note: We don’t accept guest posts at this point in time. No promotional content will be posted without compensation.

Some of the brands we’ve worked with:


Brands I've worked with

For invitations to travel conferences, contest giveaways, media interviews and any other requests or queries, please don’t hesitate to write to Ankita@Trailstainedfingers.com. You can expect a response within one working day, unless we are travelling. SEO and website service companies, please don’t bother.


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