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Hello! Trail-stained Fingers is primarily a travel blog, but here’s what we specialize in:

  • Free things to do in various cities
  • 24/48 hours destination guides
  • Couple and solo travel
  • Luxury hotel reviews
  • Restaurant reviews

We used to be based in India, and so you’ll see a lot of content on India and Asia on the blog. However, we’re now based in Germany, and our current content focuses on Germany and Europe.

Our website receives around 5000 page views a month, with around 2500 unique visitors. But we also have a very strong social media presence:

We have a YouTube channel but it is still at a nascent stage. So far, we’ve racked up 10,000 views on our videos. We’ve also written for many media publications.

A little bit about our readers now:

  • Our readers are mainly from USA, Canada, India, and Germany
  • 60% of our readers are female, while 40% are male
  • The average age of our readers is 25-40

We have already worked with many hotels, lifestyle brands, and tourism boards. On average, we reach 50k unique users with one campaign. Here’s a glimpse:


Brands we've worked with - Trail-stained Fingers

We love collaborating with brands as well as our lovely fellow bloggers. For brands, we have the following ideas, but new ones are welcome:

  • FAM trip coverage on our blog and social media
  • Hotel and restaurant reviews
  • Sponsored posts with back-links
  • Participation in travel events and conferences
  • Social media campaigns
  • Writing and photography for your website
  • Static ads on our website
  • Affiliate partnerships

With bloggers, we would be glad to collaborate over:

  • Guest post exchanges
  • Contributions to collaborative posts
  • Social media shout-outs

So, if you want to work with us, and/or request a media kit and case studies of previous brand campaigns, please write to SEO and website service companies, please don’t bother.

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