About Trail-stained Fingers

Hello, we’re Ankita (an ex-journalist) and Mohit (a software engineer), an Indian couple who just can’t seem to get enough of airports. Together, we’ve been to over ten countries in the world and 17 states of India. We’re based in Bonn, Germany but we can feel at home just about anywhere in the world! We’re not exactly the same though. Mohit dies for roti sabzi while I’m all about dimsums and sushi. He loves people and I love my shell. His ideal day is spent playing a game of cricket and watching some TV. My ideal day would start with bird-watching and end with a good book and some wine. Still, we find middle ground in our love for the good life. We dig everything from food and wine to luxury resorts, travel gadgets, beauty, nature, wildlife and cultural/historical tourism.

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How we met

A long time ago (okay not all that long), we found ourselves seated next to each other at a training session at our office. Mohit helped me with the practical activity that followed and I knew straightaway, that we made a bloody good team! Three years down the line, we made our parents proud by going from ‘dating’ to ‘married’.

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