The lure of luxury travel

Until not so recently, I was a die-hard advocate of budget travel but lately, I’ve begun to succumb to the lure of luxury travel. I’ve begun to give in to the pleasures of welcome drinks, billowy beds and room service that makes you feel like royalty. And when all this is accompanied by spa treatments in fragrant rooms and infinity pools that stretch as far as the eye can see, it’s all too easy to feel like you were born with a silver spoon.

What do we seek most from travel? A break from our routine lives, right? The contrast is never as striking as when you check in to a boutique luxury hotel and breathe in the scents of exotic floral arrangements, while soft modern classical music lulls your senses into a gentle calm. At every step of the way, the hotel staff will go out of their way to make you forget you were ever a part of the daily grind and even if it’s just a weekend break, the moments will elongate themselves lazily so the two hours you spent in the pool feel like an eternity.

And the interiors? I think the pictures in this post demonstrate much better the works of art that luxury retreats truly are. The tapestry, the carpeting, the lighting and the fittings – everything is straight out of a period drama when you’re in a four-star property. Five star hotels can sometimes feel too standardised and sterile but boutique luxury hotels deliver a uniquely hand-crafted experience that is designed to impress the demanding traveller.

My most recent luxury experiences were in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. And in both cases, staying in a luxury property enhanced my discovery of the villages they were located in. In fact, a luxury stay in a rural location gets you the best of both worlds – modern comforts in the lap of pastoral serenity. In my upcoming post on Shahpura Bagh, a royal homestay in the heart of Rajasthan, I’ll tell you why guided tours can sometimes help you get the most out of remote locations where self exploration may not be the best strategy.

But what when you return from all this VIP treatment to your humble home and dusty city? Well, you do miss the billowy bed the first night but home is home after all. And your next luxury trip is just a kidney donation away. Just kidding, it doesn’t cost all that much if you’re clever. Go in for EMI payments or holiday plans like that of Club Mahindra (they haven’t paid me for this mention). What’s more, many five star hotels will offer you complimentary extra nights or membership points that you can redeem for future holidays.

So, start saving up already for your next sojourn into the pampered world of luxury travel! And don’t forget to share your experiences of luxury travel in the comments below.

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