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Home bakers have really come of age, what with positive reception and word-of-mouth publicity resulting in them luring a substantial number of foodies away from the larger establishments. And when the sweet craving strikes in the comfort of your home, the best thing you can do is pick up the phone and dial a homemade goodie.

A fitness junkie I might be but I’m unapologetic when it comes to the sweet stuff. Baked delights are my nemesis and I welcome them all – cakes, brownies, cookies, macaroons et al. So when Shamee Mehta of Content Bakers decided to send me a sampler box of her specially crafted eggless brownies, I couldn’t be happier.


Brownies by Content Bakers

The brownies came in individual wrapping and sat pretty in a pristine white box. Thanks to the clean packaging, you don’t have to worry about the brownies getting jostled or messy during delivery. Brownies are available in boxes of six or twelve and butter paper bags of one or three brownies.


Double Chocolate Brownies by Content Bakers
A neatly wrapped Double Chocolate Brownie

I’ve had brownies at numerous places and these are unarguably among the best homemade ones I’ve tasted. You really can’t make out that it’s eggless; so whether you’re a vegetarian or not, go for it! I love the fact that they are not overly sweet and every bite floods my mouth with decadent chocolate and melted chocolate sauce. The orange brownie is a great change if you’re looking for some zest in your chocolate brownie. The walnut variety is crunchier and heavier because of the volume of nuts. My favourite is the double chocolate brownie because it stays true to the unparalleled charm of dark chocolate. However, I’ve always felt that orange goes very well with chocolate and the choco orange is a winner as well.


Choco Orange Brownies by Content Bakers
A stack of choco orange brownies

This picture speaks volumes, don’t you think? The brownies were dense, soft and every bite melted in my mouth. These aren’t very crispy brownies and it’s all too easy to cram more than a few into your eager mouth. The dense nature makes them very, very satisfying. Your fingers can get quite sticky handling the brownies. Remember that they melt quite quickly when left at room temperature and stay solid in air-conditioned environments. The brownies taste best when slightly softened. The walnut variety is crunchier than the other two thanks to the dusting of walnut pieces.


The brownies are available in three varieties (all eggless):

  • Double chocolate: Decadent chocolate brownies with a filling of melted chocolate
  • Choco orange: Sinful chocolate brownies with a soft orange filling
  • Choco walnut: Succulent chocolate brownies with a crust of walnuts

You can order a box of assorted flavours or all brownies of a single flavour. My personal favourite is the double chocolate brownie.


The brownies are priced very nominally at Rs 60-70 per piece. However, you will have to place a minimum order of six brownies. Here is the price list:

  • Double chocolate: Rs 60
  • Choco orange: Rs 65
  • Choco walnut: Rs 70


Customers in Mumbai can pay cash on delivery while those in other parts of India can pay via bank transfer or cash deposit.


You can order eggless brownies from Content Bakers anywhere in India, although delivery charges will be applicable. For small orders, customers will have to provide 24 hours prior notice and for larger orders, the delivery time will depend on the quantity.

About Content Bakers

Shamee Mehta of Content BakersFounded in February 2016, Content Bakers was born out of Shamee’s passion for baking. A finance professional, Shamee began baking three years ago and experimented with different ingredients and combinations until she evolved her own eggless brownie recipes. Her vision is to make Content Bakers one of the most desirable brands of brownies.To place an order, call +91 9867131800 or email

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(Pictures courtesy: Content Bakers)