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If you haven’t fallen in love with the city of the Mughals yet, this diary will make it happen. A brainchild of documentary filmmaker Arjun Pandey, the diary puts into words what Delhipedia’s Youtube channel tries to depict in pictures. There is also an app that one can download to see what’s right near you, from restaurants to street food, monuments and activities.

Arjun Pandey, Founder of Delhipedia
Arjun Pandey, Founder of Delhipedia

“We have 200+ videos on various themes like Haunted Places, Hidden Places in Delhi, Food Trail, Katputli Colony, Medicine Baba and many more. The diary too embodies the content around these subjects or themes. Now with the existing and upcoming videos, we will be easily able to connect them with the content,” Pandey said in an exclusive chat with Trail-stained Fingers.

According to the makers, The Delhipedia Delhi Diary is a celebration of Delhi and its heritage, the people, the food and its colours. The Delhipedia edition was launched in February 2016; 10,000 copies were already released by DTTDC and The Delhi Govt. in January 2016.

The diary has a handmade feel to it, with a beautiful cover featuring illustrations of Delhi’s well-known neighbourhoods like Defence Colony and National School of Drama. Touching the images made me feel closer to the city though I’m not a native.

Delhipedia diary

Inside, this planner has glossy photographs and factoids about Delhi. So in the ‘did you know’ section, you find out that Delhi is home to the largest spice market in Asia. I had no idea. Did you?

Delhipedia diary

Then there are useful informative sections which serve like mini guides to the city. For instance, when hunger strikes in the middle of the night, whom do you call? Delhipedia tells you.

Delhipedia diary

Some sections simply make for enjoyable reading, even if you aren’t travelling. If I ever had to write an article about Delhi, I’d definitely refer to this diary.

There is a lot of fun you can have with the diary, apart from making notes about appointments and meetings. You can cut out Delhi’s best known monuments and mount them on slits to create attractive desk accessories.

Delhipedia diary

There are five significant maps in the diary: the first one is the cover map, capturing the landscape of Delhi; the second map is about the cycle tour in Mehrauli; the third is on the seven cities of Delhi; the fourth captures the cycle tour within Old Delhi; and the fifth is food map printed on a tissue paper. These maps endeavour to enable the user to get acquainted with the facts related to Delhi, imparting information related to the rich heritage and magnificent monuments, Indian delicacies, must places to visit and different weathers in the city.

Delhipedia diary

“We have launched the first edition of the diary. In the upcoming editions, we will be updating the content as per the requirements of the Delhiites. The new edition of the diary will be more interesting than before,” says Pandey.

If you’re a Delhiite, you will adore this diary because it sums up everything that makes the city your favourite place to be. And if you aren’t, it’s the best travel partner you can have on a trip to the capital.

About Delhipedia

Delhipedia logo

Launched in November 2014, Delhipedia is a location based application which allows viewers travellers, explorers and youngsters) to take virtual tours via short 3 to 5 minutes videos and share their experience through various platforms (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram etc). “Around the second or third quarter this year, we are planning to set content on theme based roll out which will include areas like adventure sport, worship, etc. I want to explore the whole of India and want to replicate this concept to other cities across the country,” shares Pandey.

Where to buy the diary (priced at Rs 499):

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