The world’s most expensive but beautiful countries

The trouble with beauty is that it does not exist merely in cities that are affordable or accessible. Stunning marvels are flung across varied corners of the globe, many of which are far beyond our means. And yet, the travel-loving heart wants what it wants, even if means taking a personal loan for travel, just to make the next big trip a reality. So without much ado, here are the five most expensive but also very beautiful countries, according to Numbeo’s Cost of Living Index.

1. Bermuda

Bermuda by Joshua Davis Photography
Courtesy: Joshua Davis Photography

We’ve all heard about the Bermuda Triangle, that mysterious part of the North Atlantic Ocean where many sailing vessels and aircrafts have purportedly disappeared without a trace. Bermuda, a British Overseas Territory is actually the northernmost point of the Bermuda Triangle. And scary legend or not, I’d love to walk along those gorgeous shores and climb the 180 steps of Gibbs Hill Lighthouse to survey all of Bermuda.

2. Switzerland

Earlier this year, I had the good fortune of finally seeing what all the fuss about Switzerland is. One look at the sweeping vineyards of Lavaux, the ethereal sheen of Lake Geneva and the timeless beauty of Chillon Castle and I knew why it is every Indian’s dream to visit Switzerland. The muse of many romances, both reel and real, Switzerland is worth a visit for the snow-tipped Alps, the art, the vineyards and the lakeside panorama.

3. The Bahamas

Nassau, Bahamas by Valeria Almeida
Courtesy: Valeria Almeida

Raucous parties, music festivals and a celebration of life is what I associate with The Bahamas, an archipelago of over 700 islands in the North Atlantic Ocean. Best known for its capital city Nassau, The Bahamas is worth a visit not only for its glorious beaches but also the exciting food and distillery tours, art galleries, water sports and eco adventures.

4. Norway

Norway by Michael Gwyther-Jones
Courtesy: Michael Gwyther-Jones

I’ve watched every season of The Vikings with as much fervour for the historical characters as the stunning landscapes of far-off Norway. Be it lush green mountains or serene fjords and glaciers, Norway is a country of extreme and untouched beauty. A visit to this Scandinavian jewel is incomplete without admiring the 9th-century Viking ships at Oslo’s Viking Ship Museum and enjoying cruises that begin at Bergen, colorful wooden houses typical to Norway.

5. Iceland

Iceland by Moyan Brenn
Courtesy: Moyan Brenn

The spectacular Northern Lights are reason enough to plan a trip to Iceland, even if it may seem like the other end of the planet. Volcanoes oozing with lava and hot springs are complimented by the enormous glaciers at Vatnajökull and Snæfellsjökull national parks. Icelandic legends abound in the rugged landscape of this country and in the capital city Reykjavik, you can admire modern architecture and design. Summers in Iceland are a surprising burst of green.

So start adding to your piggy bank because these countries are definitely worth the sacrifice.

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