Beach paradises you must visit

Who doesn’t love a trip to the beach? Soaking in the rays as you lounge about on the golden sands is most people’s idea of paradise. Calming and relaxing, a vacation away to the seaside will do anyone a power of good.

But where are the best spots to check out? Today we’re going to take a look at some of the most popular places to visit if you’re off on a beach holiday; providing you with some ideas of potential future destinations to explore.

  1. Thailand
Thailand beach

As a spot which has become increasingly popular in recent years, Thailand earns a warranted place on our list. Whether you’re looking to go wild on the party beaches of Phuket, or are searching for a more relaxing time in Koh Phangan, you’ll find something which works for you.

Snorkelling and diving are also common features on most beaches, with services set up to specifically cater to the rising number of tourists in the country. Once you’re done with the beaches there’ll also be a myriad of cultural options to get involved with.

  1. UK
UK beach

It might not sound like a nation which springs to mind when considering a trip to the beach, but, when you think about it, it actually makes a lot of sense that the UK gets a mention. The British Isles are completely surrounded by the sea, which means there are beaches scattered all throughout the region.

Cornwall is a particularly popular spot which draws in a lot of tourists, with beaches lined along practically the entirety of the south-western county. Spots like St Ives and St Michael’s Mount are ideal for families.

  1. Albania
Albania beach

Albania might not be a country you naturally associate with a trip away to the beach, but in reality this Eastern European nation is actually a haven when it comes to golden shores – with some even comparing them to the majesty of the Mediterranean Sea.

While a period of civil unrest erupted in the nation back in 1997, things have significantly quelled since then. Albania now stands out as one of the more picturesque spots to visit in the eastern corner of the continent, with a relatively rustic feel really adding to the atmosphere.

  1. Australia
Australia beach

The Great Barrier Reef might be the crowning glory of the Australian coast, but it doesn’t detract from the immense amounts of fun you can have on the shores there. After a busy day of exploring in the Outback, what could be better than getting back to civilisation and cooling off with a dip in the sea?

Serene sky blue seas teem with surfers and beach goers, as you indulge in a few beers on the sand with all your closest pals. The Australians love the beach so much you can even find them there on Christmas Day (albeit, this is during their summer period).

  1. Brazil
Brazil beach sunrise

We couldn’t round off the list without mentioning one of the most famous countries in the world for beach escapes. Brazil has become renowned the world over for its luxurious golden sands – thanks in no short part to the Barry Manilow classic, “Copacabana”.

In truth, the Copa is just one of a handful of amazing beaches the South American nation has to offer, with the likes of Ipanema and the Barra da Tijuca also standing out as destinations you should definitely visit if you’re ever in Rio.

The Ipanema is in reality one of the most commonly photographed beaches in the world – with the strip serving as the backdrop to the now iconic Sugarloaf Mountains. Holiday snappers would do well to get a shot of this region of immense culture and beauty.

Fancy a trip to the beach for your next holiday? Check out one of these fantastic spots when you’re next on your travels. You’ll come back with an awesome tan and a series of amazing memories.


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