Custom itineraries

Like the way we travel? Planning a trip and find yourself overwhelmed with the information available on the World Wide Web?

We at Trail-stained Fingers understand exactly how you feel. And we know that holiday packages rarely cater to individual needs and preferences. Everyone has a different style of travelling after all. Take a popular destination like Paris. You might love visiting museums and art exhibitions but your best friend may be an outdoors person, wishing to go boating on the Seine or taking a walk in Jardin de Tuileries.

But what if, for just $20, you could have an itinerary sent to you, customised as per your trip duration, budget and preferences? Sounds good? We’ll tell you where to go, when to go there and how to get there. We’ll even plan your day considering the distance between attractions, the weather and local transport options, along with recommendations on where to eat, shop and stay.

Basically, we’ll do all the research for you. You also get to take advantage of our personal experiences. Once you have your itinerary, you can do the bookings yourself (we’ll give you the links and contact details), without the added cost of a middle agent and enjoy the trip of a lifetime.

Fee for our consultation


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