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The luxury of space:

Lonely Planet Magazine India

Riverside serenity:

Five cities on the cheap:

Summer vacations booklet (20 pages):

The Times of India

A wild sojourn (great wildlife experiences and lodges):

Chasing thrills (must do trips for women):

Back to the roots (rural tourism):

Explore the wild (safari etiquette):

Flying solo (solo women travellers):

Romance on unexplored shores:

The ‘Kuwaiti’ culture:–style/relationships/work/Heres-why-you-should-look-for-a-job-in-Kuwait/articleshow/48982779.cms

The lure of the Everest

The lure of the Everest

Where few have ventured: Discover unexplored facets of India in these five destinations that will thrill your travel-loving soul – my story published in The Times of India Chandigarh dated 28th January, 2016.

Where few have ventured - TOI Chandigarh 28 Jan

How to beat post-holiday blues:

An interview with Stephen Ho, president, Asia Pacific, Starwood Hotels & Resorts:

Times Life

Of macaroons and charcuterie:

Mumbai Mirror

Travel in style:

Memoirs of a comedian:

Singapore’s own treasure island:

Macau beyond casinos:

The British town called ‘Reading’:

Top treks in and around Mumbai:

A greener tomorrow:

ET Panache

Home is where the ‘bach’ is:

Bombay Times

The best kept secrets of Asia:


Bucket list for 2017:

Offbeat destinations to visit in Winter:

The lure of Belgian chocolates (Sep-Oct issue):

The best art hotels around the world (July-August issue):

Ultra luxe cruises for the elite globetrotter (four page cover story):

Stay in a celebrity home: A three-page feature published in the Feb-March issue:

Wedding Times

The Wild Wild West (South American getaways):

A ride of a lifetime (offbeat theme parks):

Times World Travel

On tiger trail: Times World Travel September 2015 On tiger trail: Times World Travel September 2015

On tiger trail: Why the chances of spotting a tiger might be higher at Bandhavgarh, although Kanha is Madhya Pradesh’s best known tiger reserve (September 2015 issue)

The Huffington Post

Photoblog: Horsing around at Sarangkheda Chetak Festival 2016:

Sugarcane fields and windmills: A rural getaway in Phaltan:

Forget vada pav and Victoria Terminus. Here are 5 new reasons to visit Mumbai:

Four stunning destinations that show there’s more to Russia than Moscow and St. Petersburg:

In search of a Macanese souvenir:

Tiger-spotting in Madhya Pradesh:

Flirting with the Redstart in Kanatal:

Happy Trips

Best hotels for a dream staycation in Mumbai:

Popular must-visit specialty luxury restaurants in Mumbai:

Five Singaporean bars for an unforgettable night:

Popular heritage hotels in Rajasthan:

Top 5 luxury lodges in Madhya Pradesh:


The Sarangkheda Festival – An Equine Fiesta:

6 places you have to visit over a weekend if you live somewhere in Maharashtra:

10 places you have to visit in Mumbai if heritage is your thing:


Rough seas and gentle rivers:

Parisian luxury in the heart of Mumbai:

Where the fun never ends:

Maldives Consulate

5 reasons not to postpone your trip to Maldives:

Bollywood loves Maldives:

12 best-ever things to do in the Maldives:


A newbie on a safari:

ET Panache

Design in vogue:

The Economic Times

The Asian connection (China):

London calling (Summer Olympics):

Nature’s bounty (Biodiversity of South Africa):

From India, with love (France):

Rendezvous in Singapore:

CNK Travelscapes

Traverse into the depths of the Bandhavgarh forest and discover a mystical and timeless treasure:

Padhaaro Blog

Goa in the monsoons, a nature lover’s paradise:

National Geographic Traveller

Won the Daily Shot contest on the theme ‘Let it rain’:

TUI India

Revelry in the Lion City (Reasons for a bachelorette trip to Singapore):

Where the world is all whiteness and light (On polar expeditions):

The most interesting neighbourhoods in Paris:

How to have an epic week in the North-East:

Active weekend getaways around Mumbai:

Misty-eyed Goa:

Manali, a snowy encounter:

Asia’s only automobile-free hill-station:

A glimpse of Kerala as I saw it:


Memoirs from Paris & The English Diaries:



Top food and travel blogs of 2016:

The Itch List

An interview on my travel blogging journey:

Ten siblings on the loose:


Travelling abroad for the first time:


Coffee with Stayzilla: A conversation with Ankita Shreeram:

Roarr Travel, a UK-based travel company

An interview on my travel personality:

Social Samosa, leading social media forum

Featured in a list of travel bloggers who have created ripple effects and inspired many to begin a journey of sorts:


13 most badass female travellers from India:

F5 Escapes, an alternate travel company

An interview on my discover of travel and travel writing:

Rayna Tours

Indian travel bloggers who inspire your wanderlust:


27 travel bloggers take a trip down memory lane:


The best 200 Indian travel bloggers list:

Treebo Hotels

22 travelling couples who will give you major couple goals:

Tours in India

Top travel bloggers in India:

Bonus App

Top 10 couple travel bloggers – 2018:


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